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On May 6th, 2014 the teams of students who worked hard to present their work on the design day, got their final results. UA Engineering seniors competed for more than $13,000 in industry-sponsored prizes. Link



From Concept to Reality


The Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Program at the University of Arizona allows teams of engineering students to work directly with industry and faculty on real-life projects. Seniors from across the College of Engineering work in multidisciplinary teams to solve design problems identified by industry partners, faculty, and student clubs. This activity culminates in the annual Engineering Design Day in early May, when all teams exhibit their work to the public and external judges. See the Design Day Guide Book for a full list of projects on display at Engineering Design Day 2014. Link

Professor Cholik Chan is acknowledged in the article recognizing the compelling work of professors at some of the top research universities in the United States. The article recognizes faculty from universities across the U.S. that are designated as having high or very high research activity on the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.  Dr. Chan centers his work on heat transfer, materials processing, and boundary element methods. He’s been awarded for leadership, as well as his research. Link

Peiwen "Perry" Li will be the principal investigator on this project where his team and the teams from Georgia Tech and ASU Poly will be working together to find cost effective solar energy. Their focus will include new materials and fluids that optimize the effective generation and logistical handling of solar power.

More information can be found on the below links which include an article from the ARIZONAengineer_online and the ASME Energy Forum.  

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