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Graduate Student Named 2017-2018 ARCS Scholar

Ethan BorosonEthan Boroson, a second-year mechanical engineering PhD student, is one of 18 graduate students at the University of Arizona to receive a 2017-2018 ARCS scholarship from the Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation.

Boroson, who is advised by associate professor Samy Missoum, is investigating the optimal design of nonlinear energy sinks, or NES, under uncertainty. NES are passive devices that mitigate vibrations, of particular interest in aeroelasticity and earthquake engineering.

ARCS scholars receive an $8,500 stipend from ARCS Foundation, as well as a $2,000 stipend, $500 travel grant and base graduate tuition from the UA Graduate College.

Three AME Faculty Awarded Nearly $2M in Navy Grants

Professors Stuart A. Craig, Hermann Fasel and Antoli TuminNearly $2 million in grants were awarded this week to AME faculty by the U.S. Office of Naval Research. Congratulations to the following principal investigators:

Stuart A. Craig
Project: "Nonlinear Interaction Between First and Mack-mode Instabilities in High-Supersonic Flows"
Amount: $559,180

Hermann Fasel
Project: "Numerical Investigations of the Nonlinear Transition Stages in Hypersonic Boundary Layers for Navy-Relevant Mach Numbers and Model Geometrics"
Amount: $484,995

Anatoli Tumin
Project: "Real Gas Effects on Sound Radiation by Unstable Modes in Hypersonic Boundary Layers"
Amount: $933,620

Kerschen Honored for Graduate Teaching and Mentorship

Professor Edward J. KerschenThe UA Graduate College has named longtime professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering Edward J. Kerschen a 2017 recipient of its Graduate Teaching and Mentoring Award.

Kerschen came to the University of Arizona from General Electric in 1981 and was named a full professor in 1998. Since 2000, he's taught the graduate-level courses AME 536A/B: Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics and AME 639: Aeroacoustics, among others.

"His way of delivering lectures inspired me to take up the challenge and rise up to his level," wrote nominator Harshad Kalyankar, an aerospace engineering master's degree student. He also noted Kerschen's willingness to meet with students at length, which "displayed his commitment and priority to students above his research and other tasks."

Kerschen's concern for his students was frequently mentioned by his nominees, as was his penchant for using classroom debates as a learning experience.

"He has created an environment where students...

2017 Kececioglu Lecture to Feature Kyung Choi

Kyung K. Choi, a professor in the mechanical and industrial engineering department at the University of Iowa, will present the 2017 Dimitri Kececioglu Memorial Lecture on Thursday, March 30, at 4 p.m. in AME S212. A reception will follow in the AME courtyard.

His lecture, "Developments of Reliability-Based Design Optimization and Confidence-Based Uncertainty Quantification and Reliability Assessment" (PDF), will highlight the collaboration between UI and the U.S. Army's Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center into basic research for reliability-analysis and reliability-based design optimization, or RBDO, methods. 

Choi is the Roy J. Carver Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the department of mechanical and industrial engineering at the University of Iowa, where he is a founding member of the Center for Computer-Aided Design. His research interests include uncertainty quantification, reliability analysis, reliability-based design optimization, design sensitivity analysis, and mathematical theory of optimization and its applications.

Kyung K. Choi has co-authored more than 350 papers, including 150-plus journal papers in leading national...

UA Aerospace Engineers Shine at AIAA SciTech Forum

Montage of AME faculty and students at AIAA SciTech 2017
While the UA Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering is always well represented at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ annual Science and Technology Forum and Exposition, University of Arizona researchers took center stage at this year's gathering on Jan. 9-13 in Grapevine, Texas.

Among the AME honorees, presenters and panelists at AIAA SciTech 2017 were professors Israel Wygnanski, Hermann Fasel, Moriba Jah, Jesse Little, Erdogan Madenci, Samy Missoum, Anatoli Tumin and Olesya Zhupanska; research scientist James Threadgill; and graduate student Yile Hu.

Photo courtesy of AIAA 

University of Arizona College of Engineering